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Merchant Focus = Technology and Payment Processing Leader

Merchant Focus has earned an "A" rating from

(January 15, 2014)

Merchant Focus Overview

Merchant Focus (, also known as “Established Merchant Focus,” is a small to mid-sized merchant account provider based out of Dublin, Ohio. The company was established in 2004 and appears to focus solely on providing credit card processing services. Merchant Focus also has a sister company called “Established Merchants Only” that serves businesses with over $250,000 in credit card sales per year.

Merchant Focus utilizes for its payment gateway and e-commerce processing services. It appears the company may be somehow affiliated with e-onlinedata, but there is little evidence available to verify the connection. Merchant Focus also acts as the processor for the mobile credit card processing services Inner Fence and AppNinja’s Swipe.
The acquiring bank of Merchant Focus is HSBC Bank USA National Association of Buffalo, NY.

Merchant Focus Sales & Marketing Tactics | A+

Merchant Focus does not appear to utilize any deceptive sales or marketing tactics that are apparent to this reviewer. The company seems to rely heavily upon the use of independent resellers and sales agents, a practice which would normally lower a company’s rating; however, Merchant Focus has not suffered the usual complaints associated with this marketing strategy and therefore will maintain a high rating in this section until evidence surfaces to the contrary.

Merchant Focus Costs & Contract Terms | A+

According to an agent of the company, Merchant Focus has month-to-month contracts and no cancellation fee. The company requires written notice if a merchant wants to cancel service without a penalty, and this notice can be submitted any time. As for pricing, Merchant Focus’ rates and fees appear to vary based on processing needs, transaction volume, business type, and possibly by the agent setting up the account.

The company’s website lists its discount rate for internet and MOTO transactions as 2.19% plus $0.24, its statement fee as $10, and its monthly minimum fee as $15. We have found some evidence that the company offers Interchange-plus pricing for some merchants, but this does not appear to be actively promoted on the Merchant Focus website. Overall, there does not appear to be much cause for concern with the company’s pricing.

Merchant Focus Complaints & Service | A

There are only three Merchant Focus negative reviews in the usual online forums, which is a positive sign of the company’s policies and customer service. All three of these complaints are either vaguely worded or poorly written, so it’s difficult to determine whether the merchants’ issues were justified or whether the merchants are even real Merchant Focus customers. The only other strike against Merchant Focus is in regards to this reviewer’s experience in having difficulty reaching a sales agent over the phone. After repeated calls and only reaching a voicemail service, an agent was finally reached by using the site’s “Live Chat” feature. Although not a worrisome problem, it could pose an issue for some merchants.

Merchant Focus BBB Report | A (CPO Adjusted)

As of this update, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is reporting that Merchant Focus has been accredited since 2006. The BBB is awarding the company an “A-“ rating based upon four complaints filed in the last 36 months. Of the total, three are regarding problems with service and one is due to a billing/collection dispute. The company appears to average one to two complaints per year, which is very low for a business of any size. Given the company’s low complaint total and the fact that it has resolved all four complaints to the merchant’s satisfaction, we have adjusted the BBB’s grade to an “A.”

Bottom Line

Overall, Merchant Focus scores quite well in this review. The company offers month-to-month contracts as a standard practice and has no cancellation fee. Merchant Focus also appears to offer competitive pricing and excellent service. One minor area of improvement in this reviewer’s experience would be to make the company’s sales staff more accessible for phone calls.

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Merchant Focus Launches New Gift Card Program

DUBLIN, OH (July 17, 2012) — Credit card processing company Merchant Focus is releasing gift cards as their newest payment solution.

Today credit card processing company Merchant Focus is releasing gift cards as their newest payment solution.

Merchant Focus offers online, mobile and retail credit card processing solutions and has recently expanded to a new realm of payment technologies in the form of gift cards. The new offering allows merchants to purchase customizable gift cards from Merchant Focus to use in their stores. The company made the move to gift card processing because they wanted to give their existing and new customers the opportunity to increase not only their revenue but their community presence as well.

The gift cards are available in a 100-card starter package priced at $99.00 or free with set-up of a new merchant account. The gift card program allows business owners to create a unique and customized gift card that includes their logo and store information. Merchants will also be able to use online reporting access to track gift card activity. The system also allows for checking balances, adding value, voids, transfers and clerk maintenance. The gift cards offered by Merchant Focus can be assigned to any dollar amount. Merchant Focus' gift card transaction system also allows for the recycling and reuse of cards through the system as well.

John Waldron, CEO of Merchant Focus, says of the program, “gift card sales are huge for businesses. They are a great way to ensure return revenue because merchants can issue gift cards instead of cash back refunds, and they have also been proven to encourage impulse purchasing. By using the customizable features of our gift cards merchants can really get their name out there into the community and increase their brand awareness. Also, since they are so easy to use at the point of sale any employee can be trained to process them and merchants can even use gift cards as employee incentives. All in all, gift cards are a great way for businesses to market themselves and increase their revenue“.

As a special incentive, Merchant Focus is offering to waive the setup fee for new and existing customers who sign up for the Merchant Focus Gift Card Program.

Merchant Focus Launches New Point of Sale Payment System

DUBLIN, OH (April 17, 2012) — Merchant Focus has released a new payment portal called Merchant Focus Point of Sale (POS). Merchant Focus POS is designed to target business owners who wish to turn their Mac, PC or Google Chromebook into a payment terminal.

Merchant Focus has released a new payment portal called Merchant Focus Point of Sale (POS) to customers this month.

Merchant Focus POS is designed to target business owners who wish to turn their Mac, PC or Google Chromebook into a payment terminal. It is a web-based point of sale solution for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to process credit card transactions from their personal or business computers. Merchant Focus POS is a downloadable app on the Google Chrome Web Store allowing for an easy and convenient setup process. The web app is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

"Merchant Focus POS is a great credit card processing solution for businesses and start-ups. It allows for in store transactions and transactions on the go because of its compatibility with netbooks and laptops. We want to give our customers one solution to credit card processing and that's why we came up with the POS. Now if our customers are at a trade show they don't have to purchase a different terminal or merchant account to process credit cards. We really wanted to create a convenient system for them and I think we accomplished that," says John Waldron, Merchant Focus CEO.

Merchant Focus POS features a transaction log so merchants can perform tracking, refunds and voids right from their computers. It has a snapshot of daily, weekly and monthly transaction volume to quickly discover sales trends, and it can record customer data such as phone numbers, email addresses and physical addresses for future marketing. The POS is also completely customizable allowing business owners to choose their color, upload their logo and contact information. It has customizable receipts for company information and the use of QR Codes for promotions and customer loyalty. Each receipt can be emailed or printed from any printer. The POS gives each merchant the ability to assign a user ID for employees to limit access to administrative settings.

Merchant Focus POS offers very competitive merchant account pricing. There are no monthly minimums, set-up or activation fees. A monthly charge of $25.00 includes access to the POS and Merchant Account. Merchant Focus POS keeps costs low for vendors by offering a transaction charge of only 24 cents, plus 1.74 percent of the amount charged to the credit or debit card for qualified transactions. Each merchant that signs up will also get one free USB card reader to use with the Merchant Focus POS, a $79.00 value. Additional card readers can be purchased separately. Customers are also provided with extensive support via telephone, email, live chat, and web.

Merchant Focus POS is running a promotion to celebrate the launch. If a merchant signs up for an account within the first 30 days, the merchant will be able to use Merchant Focus POS service free for the life of their merchant account.

Swiping Cards for Cookies — A Sweet New Offering from the Girl Scouts

COLUMBUS, OH (March 10, 2011) — A new partnership between AppNinjas and Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland means you can use a credit card to purchase your Girl Scout Cookies this year.

Girl Scouts are using AppNinjas’ Swipe Credit Card Terminal for iPhone to accept credit cards on the spot at booths in various locations in central Ohio throughout March. Credit card sales are off to a great start, with charge transactions accounting for over $1,500 in sales in the first weekend.

For Girl Scouts this isn’t just a great opportunity to sell more cookies but also a learning experience. “Swipe Credit Card Terminal for iPhone will teach them even more new technological skills they may likely use in the future,” explained Tammy Wharton, CEO of the Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland Council.

"As a Columbus-based company, we are excited to pilot this program here in Ohio's heartland," said John Waldron, CEO of AppNinjas.  "We’re looking to expand this program in future years, giving even more Girl Scout troops a safe and secure way to accept credit cards."

 “Our Cookie Program is our largest business literacy program for girls,” said Tammy Wharton, CEO of the Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland Council. “Not only do girls learn five key business skills, but they also are learning to use new technology to market cookies. Girl Scouts are using social media, such as their parent’s Facebook and e-mail accounts, in a safe manner, and customers can use a new smart phone app — the cookie locator app — to find cookie booth sales.

The AppNinjas partnership program assists the Girl Scouts with credit card software and hardware, as well as discounted rates for credit card processing.

About the Girl Scouts
Founded in 1912, Girl Scouts of the USA is the premier leadership development program for all girls from kindergarten through high school. The mission is to build girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place. Through activities in science and technology, business and economic literacy, and outdoor and environmental awareness, Girl Scouting provides girls with opportunities for fun and friendship, while fostering the development of leadership skills and self-esteem.

Girl Scouts of Ohio's Heartland Council, headquartered in Columbus, serves more than 34,000 girls and more than 9,000 adult volunteers in 30 counties: Adams, Ashland, Coshocton, Crawford, Delaware, Fairfield, Fayette, Franklin, Gallia, Guernsey, Highland, Hocking, Holmes, Jackson, Knox, Licking, Madison, Marion, Morrow, Muskingum, Perry, Pickaway, Pike, Richland, Ross, Scioto, Union, Vinton, Wayne and Wyandot.

For more information on how to join, volunteer, or donate to Girl Scouts, call (800) 621-7042 or visit

About App Ninjas
AppNinjas is the developer of Swipe Credit Card Terminal for iPhone. Swipe transforms a merchant’s iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad into a safe and secure credit card terminal, allowing merchants to accept credit card payments with ease at any time. Swipe is available for purchase on the App Store. For more information, see


Sara West
PR Director
Girl Scouts
614-487-8101 or 1-800-621-7042

John Waldron
App Ninjas

Video: AppNinjas CEO John Waldron Demos "Swipe" Mobile Credit Card Reader And App

July 5th, 2011 - "About three years," says AppNinjas CEO John Waldron, when I asked him how long his group of companies have been providing mobile payments solutions to merchants. Three years. That makes them tribal elders when it comes to the nascent arena of mobile payment acceptance. When I say group of companies, I mean the conglomerate of AppNinjas and MerchantFocus whose services work together to enable Swipe—yet another solution out there that lets you accept credit cards with a mobile device. See my video demo and interview with John below for more details.

We first let you know about Swipe last year during the acquisition of AppNinjas by MerchantFocus and Inner Fence. Since then their iOS app—which now uses a provided card reader to enable merchants to accept credit card payment via mobile devices—has picked up some steam. It will invariably invite comparisons to systems developed by Square, Intuit and AprivaPay among others. Truth be told, there are many companies out there doing this kind of thing. Within retail environments, Apple is the early and most visible leader at accepting credit cards via mobile devices, however even traditional brick and mortar stores like Nordstrom and The Gap are piloting their own scenarios using hardware like the Linea Pro by Infinite Peripherals and others. Apart from the in-store retail experience, Square still seems to have captured the most name recognition for being able to enable "in-the-field" credit card transactions (mostly because of their fast account set-up, which eliminates the need for a traditional merchant account) however small businesses that already have merchant accounts and their slightly better transaction rates still have other options like the previously mentioned Intuit GoPayment solution, AprivaPay and now Swipe by AppNinjas, based right here in beautiful Columbus, OH.

Swipe works as you might expect; you plug a free mag stripe reader into the bottom of your iPhone or iPod Touch (Android coming soon) and use their $0.99 app to accept credit cards, sign and email receipts. Easy-peasy.

Things to consider:

Customer Service – John characterized one of the company's biggest benefits to merchants as customer service. In our video interview, he indicatated that AppNinjas strive to provide a high level of customer service with regard to transactional needs.

Rate – You get a low rate for your interchange fees at around 1.7%. Therefore, the more volume you are doing, the more this scenario might make sense.

Fees – While there are no setup fees there are monthly fees to have a merchant account with AppNinjas. This is not unusual for merchant account providers and again, depending on your volume, could be a really small price to pay for the Customer Service.

Set Up – You fill out a few forms online and should be up and running in two days (or whenever your reader gets to you in the mail). There will be at least one phone call that takes place for security purposes.

NFC – This is an obvious question and John and I discussed this a bit offline. As a processor, he says they are planning for integration when it makes sense to do so (probably whenever enough issuers are on board to cause a demand). He sees small merchant adoption of NFC being 3-5 years out. I tend to agree with this. Even though there have been many "announcements" lately within the sphere of large retailers considering NFC for enabling mobile transactions—Google Wallet, ISIS, etc—anyone in the payments industry will tell you there are still many practical features and value propositions missing from this ideal scenario. It's still a few years out.

Seeing another processing service like Swipe come to market…what means to me, systemically, is that mobile payments systems are becoming part of the norm. Companies already in the payment processing business are seeing and meeting consumer and merchant desire for a solution. I think we will see more variations of this from other companies and will begin to think of it less as fringe or even the vanguard and more as a capability channel required for doing business.

iPhone Satisfies Girl Scout Cookie Addiction

by Christopher Maag on 03/19/2011 - Would you like a box of Thin Mints and an order of Samoas but just don't have enough cash in your wallet?

Simple: Pay by iPhone.

Starting this year, Girl Scout organizations in Ohio and San Diego will be accepting orders facilitated through AppNinja, a tool that allows iPhones to send credit or debit card information. The phones plug into a stand with a built-in card swiper, and an app on the phone communicates customers' card data to Visa, MasterCard and other card networks.

[Resource: Credit Cards with Good Intentions]

"You can turn your phone into a cash register," says Sara West, spokeswoman for the Girl Scouts of Ohio's Heartland Council, which has 34,000 scouts across 30 Ohio counties.

The Girl Scouts are famous for their cookie sale, which has become the organization's biggest annual fundraiser. Scouts and their parents order boxes of cookies and sell them to friends and neighbors; whatever's left is often sold outside retail stores. The Girl Scout Cookies' website also has a cookie booth location finder.

This year, AppNinja donated 25 phone stands to the Ohio council, West says. The machines usually cost about $80 apiece. They are being used in malls outside grocery stores to sell leftover cookies.

And so far, they've been a big success. The machines in Ohio racked up $2,500 in sales in their first two weeks, West says

"If people don't have cash and they're using a credit card, they don't want to charge $3.50 for a single box," West says. "So instead they buy five boxes."

The Ohio council is considering whether to buy the AppNinja machines for next year's sale. Girl Scouts also have begun using Facebook to sell cookies, West says.

Free iPhone credit card readers for small business owners

By Jeremy Pedro, January 11, 2011 @ 10:46am - Convenience is the general theme that our society has been speeding towards, getting things fast and easy, that's the way we like to roll. We can see this through the popularity of services like Netflix; instant movies, and iTunes; instant music. Credit cards in essence, are fast money, but not fast enough.

Services for taking payments on your iPhone is relatively new. A company called Square released an app and dongle last May that would allow users to accept credit cards from their iPhone, it has since caught on and many variants including card readers are hitting the streets. Enabling small vendors, artists, even used item hockers, to charge their customers via the seamless instant swipe of plastic.

In the last two days two companies have begun offering credit card reader swipers free to new customers. Intuit Inc. is one of them, makers of the ever popular Tax accounting software. They want to give the little guy a small boost by offering its GoPayment mobile payment service, which will include a free credit card reader and zero monthly service fees, for business owners that sign up by mid-February.

GoPayment is a system that utilizes mobile handsets, like the iPhone, and uses them as a cost-effective method of processing credit transactions. Since its launch almost two years ago GoPayment has enabled small businesses to process $80 million in mobile transactions using a mobile handset and the GoPayment system, and the market is still expecting significant growth in the coming years. GoPayment is compatible with more than 40 handsets and a large range of traditional credit card readers, this includes the popular credit card reader from ROAM Data, which is used with a variety of iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices, making it more accessible for a new start-up business owner to start accepting mobile transactions.

"By offering a free card reader and no monthly service fees, we want to give more small businesses a head start in the New Year by enabling them to take mobile payments without any upfront investment," said Chris Hylen, general manager of Intuit's Payment Solutions division. "And this is just the beginning. We'll introduce new ways all year long to help more small businesses get paid quickly and inexpensively using their favorite mobile devices."

GoPayment offers a selection of different rates and pricing plans to accommodate any business's needs. There are no long-term contracts, or any hidden cancellation or setup fees, and one account allows up to 50 users. Their app is called the Intuit GoPayment Credit Card Terminal and is free from iTunes. Below is a brief highlight of the general pricing plans for the service.

For lower or intermittent credit card processing volume:

No monthly service fee for businesses that sign up before mid-February

Discount rates: 2.7 percent for card swiped; 3.7 percent for both key entered and non-qualified transactions; $0.15 per transaction.

For higher credit card processing volume:

$12.95 monthly service fee

Discount rates: 1.7 percent for card swiped; 2.7 percent for key entered; and 3.7 percent for non-qualified transactions, such as corporate cards; $0.30 per transaction.

The second is from App Ninjas, developers of Swipe Credit Card Terminal for iPhone, today have decided to give away the Apple-approved Credit Card Swiper for iPhone 4 and iPod touch hardware free to all new users who sign up by January 15th. Their app that works with the swiper is available on iTunes for 99 cents and is called iSwipe Global Credit Card Terminal.

Their fees are as follows:

1.74% VISA/MasterCard Qualified Discount Rate
2.29% VISA/MasterCard Mid-Qualified Rate
3.79% VISA/MasterCard Non-Qualified Rate
$0.24 per Transaction
$24.95 per month (Includes Authorize.Net Fee)

"Providing iPhone 4 and iPod touch users with a swipe accessory allows any mobile merchant to quickly process transactions, saving them money and time," said John Waldron, CEO of App Ninjas. "Swipe's features help manage credit card transactions with virtual terminal access, online reporting, real-time authorizations, and premium customer support, including access to a customer support rep assigned to their account, from the moment they download Swipe."

Depending on your business, how many transactions you expect to do, and the payment gateway you are dealing with either solution could be good for you. We haven't had any hands-on time with either products, so we're unsure of the reliability and ease of use between both products.

Process Credit Cards with iSwipe for iPhone

by Chris Duke on Jun 9, 2009 - Available for both the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, iSwipe is a virtual terminal app which allows you to process all major credit cards right on the go from PayPal,, and Cybersource.


Developed by AppNinjas LLC, iSwipe is one of those handy credit card processing utilities that you wish you could always have in your pocket. There are a few of them in the App Store, but iSwipe has great reviews, supports multiple payment gateways, and has a lower cost, so we decided to give it a spin to process a few pending charges we had from Appmodo advertisers (if interested, please contact us! [shameless plug]).

What's great about this app is that it works for multiple payment gateways. If you have an existing gateway, chances are iSwipe already supports it, and for the cost of this app you could be on your way in minutes. It supports PayPal Website Payments Pro (and PayPal Virtual Terminal… we'll get to that in a sec),, and Cybersource.

It is a very simple app, with very few bells and whistles, which we like because when it comes to charging a credit card on the go, the last thing you want to do is to be messing with an app with too many options and a bad user interface. You simply enter the credit card information (card number, expiration month/year, CVV, email address, dollar amount, first & last name, and billing address). Once you've double-checked everything, click the Process button and within a few seconds it's done! It just couldn't be more simple. You can then check your account (in our case, PayPal), and immediately see the charge logged, and the money in your account.

With the upcoming iPhone 3.0 operating system, it makes it easier to copy and paste credit card numbers out of other applications and into iSwipe. We spoke briefly with AppNinjas, and they confirmed that it is compatible with the new iPhone 3.0 update due out next week.

Now just don't go thinking that you can get this app for 20 bucks and start charging credit cards. You first have to have a payment gateway setup (which I mentioned before). Your monthly charge and per-transaction fees will vary depending on which payment gateway you choose. We were previously using PayPal's Virtual Terminal for processing credit cards. The fees for PayPal's Virtual Terminal are $30 per month, plus 3.1% and $0.30 per transaction.

So, for a $100 charge, you're giving PayPal $3.40 for the convenience of credit cards. This really isn't very different from what other payment gateways and banks charge you. However, you can't just use PayPal's Virtual Terminal for iSwipe. If you're using PayPal as your payment gateway, you have to 'upgrade' to PayPal's Website Payments Pro. This is the same monthly rate ($30) and includes Virtual Terminal, so you aren't paying double. Here's the kicker… since you have to do this, the rates are actually better! Instead of paying 3.1% per transaction, it's 2.9%. So in the previous example, you're only giving $3.20 to them. As you can see, with larger credit card charges, this could add up substantially.

In order to properly configure the iSwipe app to work with PayPal, there's a bit of a setup process. This isn't iSwipe's fault, so don't hate. You have to login to your PayPal account, request an "API signature" which generates a username, password, and signature that all needs to be entered into the iSwipe app on your iPhone. This information is lengthy, and basically impossible to perform this step without copy and paste. Thankfully the good people at AppNinjas came up with a solution called WebFill. During setup of the app on your iPhone it will give you a code that you enter at their website. After you copy and paste the information from PayPal into that form (doing all this on your desktiop computer, of course), then you press another button on your iPhone and you're good to go! Then enter your credit card information and charge away!

Suggestions for the developer: Have the fields auto-advance as you populate them, and try to make the text within those fields slightly larger. I understand that the keyboard takes up half the screen, but there must be some UI tricks to make it easier to read. Also, once iPhone 3.0 comes out with the ability to develop for the 30-pin connection, add support for card readers. With PayPal, I can print receipts, download data, etc. so that isn't an issue for me, but perhaps this is for other payment gateways. I can see being on the road with my iPhone 3GS and a card reader to scan cards–the next obvious step would be to print out a receipt (or email a receipt like the Apple store does) for the customer. This is a great "1.0″ version of a mobile credit card processing app, and I can't wait to see what the future holds.


When it comes to using a mission-critical application such as this, technical support means a lot. If you can't charge a card, you can't make money, so what's the point right? When I initially attempted to configure iSwipe using their WebFill process, their step-by-step instructions had a few errors due to PayPal's recent website changes. I contacted their support team and it was quickly resolved within a few hours, and they even updated their web page to reflect the recent changes at So know that when you get stuck, help is not far away.


Perfect for small business owners, iSwipe is an incredibly simple iPhone and iPod Touch application for processing credit card charges on the go, or while at your desk. Never miss or delay a sale because you aren't in front of your computer. The support is top-notch, and it's a breeze to set up. Currently available for $19.99 in the Apple iTunes App Store, and they even offer a Global Credit Card Terminal at $9.99 for processing International payments.

5 Mobile Payment Tools for Business

Mobile payment systems look to be the future of commerce. Here are five of the premier mobile payment tools your business can start using right away.

by Dave Smith on Mar 31, 2011 - Will cash and credit survive the Digital Age? According to a new survey conducted by Mobio Identity Systems, 94 percent of North Americans would be happy to complete payments through their phone if they knew the system were secure.

Most merchants and small businesses choose to only accept cash or check to avoid paying the extra fee attached to processing a credit card. But now, a handful of mobile technology companies have devised cheap and simple mobile payment solutions to accommodate those small businesses that could not traditionally afford to accept credit cards.

Considering the efficiency and affordability of these systems, even for the smallest of businesses, mobile payment systems might just be the future of commerce. Here are five of the top mobile payment solutions currently available.


Strengths: Customization, Availability
Available On: Every mobile phone, including smartphones
For: Non-profits, and small and medium-sized businesses

Carol Realini, an accomplished entrepreneur and technology expert, retired in 2000 thinking she'd never work again. But during a volunteer trip to the African Congo, Realini witnessed several Congolese paying for prepaid phone minutes with bricks of cash. That's where she realized that most of the world is still dependent on cash, but more importantly, most peoples of the world currently own cell phones.

"Cell phones are really simple," Realini says. "Everyone's got them—even in places like Africa, India, and China—and people really trust them as a tool for communications, so it's only natural that they'll extend to be trusted for money."

Realini came out of retirement and launched Obopay in Redwood City, California, in 2005. The big idea was to create a mobile payments system that would replace cash and check by allowing people to send or receive payments over their phone. In this way, businesses can take electronic payments on their cell phones, making checkout and payment faster and easier for customers.

Obopay's strength is that its platform is supported on every type of mobile phone, from traditional feature phones to smartphones, and spans from personal payments to business payments. For individuals, Obopay supports transfers from bank accounts, debit, and credit cards; for small businesses, Obopay supports a multitude of ways to accept payments, including through social networking sites, text messaging, smartphones, or in-store payments.

In addition, Obopay provides flexible options for payments, so if the merchant doesn't want to pay the small transaction fee, they can ask their customers to pay a small convenience fee instead. The option of charging customers a convenience fee, rather than having the merchant subsidize every fee, is a great option for non-profits taking donations.

"We don't think anybody has the complete toolkit we have," Realini says. "We give merchants a much more comprehensive solution and the different ways they can get paid."

Realini is aggressively campaigning Obopay globally, forming partnerships with very large companies, such as Nokia, to drive mass adoption by small businesses.

Intuit GoPayment

Strengths: Customer support, seamless integration with Quickbooks
Available On: iPhone 3G/3GS/4, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry
For: Small businesses and field trades

Intuit, a finance and marketing service provider based in Mountain View, California, processes about $17 billion each year through its Payments Solutions division. About two years ago, Intuit launched its GoPayment program for small businesses to expand their payments processing solutions to mobile phones. This way, even when you take your business out on the road, you can still take payments.

"We're addressing the people who weren't able to accept credit cards in the past, and making it drop dead simple," says Mary Lunneborg, senior product manager at Intuit. "There's many complexities to the payment processing space, and we're trying to make it really easy to sign up, make it really easy to process payments, and make it really easy to get paid."

After signing up for a merchant account, Intuit will send you a free card reader that's used in conjunction with the mobile application. Then, it's as easy as swiping the card through the reader, entering an amount, and charging it. The pricing plans are flexible, and there's no set limit on how much money you can process.

"We pretty much design GoPayment to meet the needs of your business," says Sharna Brockett, senior PR manager for payments at Intuit. "If you tell us your peak season is during Christmas time and you're selling wool blankets and you're going to be processing $5,000 a month, that's what we're going to set your limit to."

As Intuit is responsible for accounting software such as Quickbooks, Quicken, and Turbo Tax, GoPayment users enjoy an added bonus as it is the only mobile solution compatible with Quickbooks. If you're one of the four million small businesses that uses Quickbooks, you won't have to re-enter your transactions when you get back to the office.

PAYware Mobile

Strengths: Security, Versatility
Available On: iPhone 3G/3GS/4, coming soon for Android
For: Small and medium-sized businesses

Verifone, the payment solutions company based out of San Jose, California, actually has two separate products aimed at two different kinds of retailers. For the very large retailers, Verifone offers the PAYware Mobile Enterprise; however, we'll be focusing on Verifone's product for smaller companies called PAYware Mobile.

The PAYware Mobile system consists of three components: the mobile application, the encryption sleeve, and the Verifone gateway. The application works with the encryption sleeve, which is a sophisticated piece of hardware that allows you to swipe a card and the sleeve immediately keeps and protects the information.

"Smartphones in general were not designed to protect this type of information; they're somewhat open platforms that lots of developers have access to," says Paul Rasori, senior vice president of global marketing at Verifone. "As soon as you swipe your card, the data on your card is immediately encrypted onto the hardware security module so before that card data even makes its way to the phone, it's been secured. From our perspective, protecting the data by utilizing this hardware security module is the only way to truly protect the data."

The Verifone gateway, the third and most important piece of the puzzle, provides connectivity between your phone and all of the various payment networks.

"Our gateway is actually authenticating the piece of hardware that's attached to your phone, and what that does is essentially ensures that hardware can never be used by an individual that's not authorized to use it," Rasori says.

If a merchant has an existing account with a bank, no problem. PAYware Mobile doesn't require businesses to create a merchant account, so this is a great option for those business owners who want less hassle with integrating mobile payments into their existing scheme.


Strengths: Affordability, Customer support
Available On: iPhone 3G/3GS/4, iPod Touch
For: Independent, small, and mobile businesses

AppNinjas, a tech start-up based in Columbus, Ohio, acquired a mobile payments iPhone app called Swipe in May 2009. After landing the technology, the AppNinjas team sought out a hardware vendor to create a device for merchants to swipe credit and debit cards directly onto the phone. The finished product, a card swiper that clips into the bottom port of the iPhone, is free with every new account created.

"We're establishing a direct payment merchants account that millions of merchants in this country have and are using in other retail establishments," says John Waldron, CEO of AppNinjas.

As far as costs go, the Swipe app is 99 cents at the App Store, and merchants will pay three different rates based on what kind of card is being used; in other words, expect to pay different fees for a credit or debit card versus an international, corporate, business, or government card.

But if you're new to mobile payments, you may opt for Swipe because of its simple design and excellent customer support.

"Much like any type of payment solution, a lot of these merchants are confused, they don't know which way to go, they don't know how to take payments, they don't know what's best for their business," Waldron says. "From the moment you establish that you're interested in an account with us, we assign you an account rep from that minute, and that account rep is with you from the beginning to the end."

Swipe has already had north of 10,000 downloads, and thousands of active merchants currently using Swipe.


Strengths: Simple, convenient
Available On: iPhone 3G/3GS/4, iPod Touch, iPad, Android
For: Individuals, field trades, and small businesses

If you're looking for an extremely simple mobile payment solution, consider Square, a mobile payments start-up based in San Francisco, and co-founded by Twitter creator Jack Dorsey. While this system is extremely new—Square officially launched in February 2011—of all of the various available options, Square has the most straightforward system to accept payments and make money anywhere.

Once you sign up for the service, Square will send you a free card reader, which plugs into the earphone jack of your Apple device or Android smartphone. You open the free Square app, you log in, and you can start accepting payments immediately.

"The lone cost is a flat rate of 2.75 percent per transaction," says Kay Luo, a spokeswoman for Square. "Other services will have a transaction charge on top of it, a 15 or 30 cent charge, and we've eliminated that charge. There's no hidden fees and there's no fine print. With Square, you know you're always going to pay one rate whenever you're transacting."

Square really prides itself on its simplicity and ease at which you use the program.

"We create the whole solution," Luo says. "It's sort of analogous to Apple, where they create the hardware, the software, the operating systems, they create all of that. We create the hardware, we create the app software, we approve your account through Square, and the process is seamless."

Square also gives small businesses the analytics to know what their sales look like, so you always know where you stand. The 2.75 percent fee is immediately subtracted at the point of sale so you can instantly know how much you've netted that day. Other services will make you wait until the end of the week or month to view your total net profit.

While Square allows users to accept unlimited payments, but payments over $1,000 may take 30 days to be transferred to your account. This default "cap" is a precautionary limit aimed at reducing the risk associated with charge backs, which can be quickly and easily adjusted. Increasing your overall payment ceiling is as easy as contacting Square's support team and submitting some basic information about your business. Square is completely aware that many of their clients, such as photographers, can easily make over $1,000 per sale.

Square surpassed the $200 million valuation mark nearly a year faster than Twitter did, and Jack Dorsey's new venture is signing up over 100,000 new accounts each month.

"We definitely see a lot of people switching over, just because the fee structure for credit card processing has really been cost prohibitive for small businesses," Luo says. "That's why we're seeing such rapid growth, because for the first time, merchants who were overwhelmed by fees are able to take credit cards."


Credit Card Reader for iPhone Shipping Now for
Inner Fence Credit Card Terminal

Inner Fence, maker of Credit Card Terminal for iPhone, is now shipping Credit Card Reader for iPhone, an Apple-authorized hardware accessory that allows merchants to swipe credit cards.

Innerfence Logo

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) September 1, 2010 — Inner Fence, maker of Credit Card Terminal for iPhone, is now shipping Credit Card Reader for iPhone, an Apple-authorized hardware accessory that allows merchants to swipe credit cards. The swipe accessory will be offered free to new merchants.

"We've already seen great success with keyed transactions on the iPhone," says Derek Del Conte, CEO of Inner Fence. "I believe that the addition of a magnetic stripe reader will help us attract a new segment of merchants who require the speed and reliability of swiped transactions."

Credit Card Terminal is the leading credit card point of sale app available for Apple's iPhone, as featured in Apple's "Office" prime-time television campaign. Until now, merchants could only perform keyed transactions using the app, but now they may optionally use the new Credit Card Reader accessory to perform swiped transactions as well.

The Credit Card Reader accessory attaches to the iPhone dock connector. It is designed for speedy transactions and high volume with a high-accuracy read head and sturdy construction. The accessory was tested and certified by Apple to be compatible with iPhone as part of the Made for iPhone program.

iPhone Reader

Swiped transactions are advantageous to merchants because they are much faster and less error-prone. Merchants may also be able to qualify for lower rates under the terms of their merchant account agreement.

Along with their merchant account partner Merchant Focus, Inner Fence is providing Credit Card Readers to new customers that activate a new merchant account free of charge. Additional units will be available at for $79.

"We are excited to get the new credit card reader hardware into the hands of as many of our new and existing customers as possible" said John Waldron, CEO of Merchant Focus. "Merchant Focus and Inner Fence have negotiated extensively with our suppliers to be able to offer hardware at a great price to thousands of our current users and free of charge to any merchant that signs up for a new account."
Credit Card Readers for iPhone 3G and 3GS are shipping immediately. iPhone 4-compatible units will be available in Q4 of 2010.
About Inner Fence
Inner Fence is a privately held Seattle-based software development company that builds mobile credit card applications, allowing merchants to accept charge payments from anywhere. Their Credit Card Terminal app is available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Android. For more information, see
About Merchant Focus Processing
Merchant Focus Processing, Inc., focuses on two market segments, each of which has special requirements and challenges. Merchants transacting $250,000 or more annually in credit card sales qualify for Interchange-Plus pricing with no monthly fees of any kind through Brand new businesses encounter low Two Tier pricing through


Inner Fence
Derek Del Conte

Merchant Focus Processing, Inc.
John Waldron 1-800-895-4085 Ext 11


Merchant Focus Processing and Inner Fence Team Up To Acquire AppNinjas, Inc., Developer of Swipe Credit Card Terminal for iPhone

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 18 2010 — The principals of Merchant Focus Processing and Inner Fence have acquired AppNinjas, creator of Swipe Credit Card Terminal for iPhone (formerly iSwipe).

This acquisition increases their commitment to the mobile credit card processing space, where Inner Fence and Merchant Focus Processing have had an exclusive working relationship in iPhone credit card processing since 2008.

AppNinjas was co-founded by Bryan Kennedy and Zander Ford in early 2009, and Swipe Credit Card Terminal has been available for over a year on the App Store, Apple’s groundbreaking marketplace for iPhone and iPod touch applications. "Swipe has made some tremendous headway in the mobile credit card terminal space," said John Waldron, CEO of Merchant Focus Processing and new CEO of AppNinjas.

"The mobile payments space is already very competitive, but with north of 10 Million mobile merchants in the US alone there is plenty of room for us to compete. Acquiring AppNinjas, our largest direct competitor, will further accelerate our growth in this area,” Waldron said.

“Between AppNinjas and Inner Fence, we believe more merchants are now processing with our iPhone apps than any other iPhone-based solution,” said Derek Del Conte, CEO of Inner Fence.

Both Inner Fence and AppNinjas will be rolling out integrated retail hardware to allow for retail-based swiped transactions for processing on both iPhone and iPod touch. Hardware vendors have been selected for both platforms and plans are to offer the hardware free of charge to new merchants that enroll with either Inner Fence or AppNinjas.

“Inner Fence and Merchant Focus have proven their commitment to the emerging mobile merchant market. We are excited to see them take the AppNinjas’ Swipe platform to the next level,” said Zander Ford, former CEO of AppNinjas.

About AppNinjas

App Ninja LogoAppNinjas is the San Francisco-based developer of Swipe Credit Card Terminal for iPhone. Swipe transforms a merchant’s iPhone into a safe and secure credit card terminal, allowing merchants to accept credit card payments with ease at any time. Swipe is available for purchase on the App Store. For more information, see

About Inner Fence
Inner Fence is a Seattle-based software development company focused on building credit card processing apps for the Apple platform. Credit Card Terminal for iPhone, featured in Apple’s TV commercial “Office”, allows merchants to process credit cards from anywhere using just their iPhone. Credit Card Terminal is also available on iPad, iPod touch, and Mac. For more information, see

About Merchant Focus Processing, Inc.

Merchant Focus Processing, Inc., the leader in eCommerce since 2002, focuses on two unique market segments, each of which has special requirements and challenges. Merchants transacting $250,000 or more annually in credit card sales qualify for Interchange-Plus pricing with no monthly fees of any kind through Brand new businesses encounter special merchant friendly terms and low Two Tier pricing through
The R3 Recurring Revenue Reseller program is Merchant Focus Processing’s co-branded referral program designed for Hosting Companies, Billing Solutions Providers, Shopping Carts, Web Designers, iPhone Application Providers and other value added resellers.

Press Contacts:

Inner Fence
Derek Del Conte

Merchant Focus Processing, Inc.
John Waldron 1-800-895-4085 Ext 11


GoECart and Merchant Focus Processing Sign R3 Reseller Agreement, Partner to Offer Merchants Transparency and Significant Savings on Credit Card Processing

Program Offers Dramatic Cost Savings for Merchants and Simplifies Merchant Account Set Up and Integration

BRIDGEPORT CT and DUBLIN OH, September 17 2009 – GoECart®, the leading provider of on-demand ecommerce software and solutions for small and medium-sized companies, has signed the R3 Reseller agreement with leading merchant account provider Merchant Focus Processing, Inc. to provide its clients with substantial cost savings on ecommerce transactions without sacrificing service or quality.

"In today's competitive online retail climate, it is absolutely essential that ecommerce transactions are done right — they must be both cost effective for the merchant and seamless to the end customer," said Manish Chowdhary, GoECart's CEO. "Through our partnerships with leading ecommerce service providers like Merchant Focus, we can help merchants reap cost savings without sacrificing service levels online shoppers have come to expect," he said.

Under the agreement, GoECart will offer its clients two distinct programs. The first offers competitive fixed-rate pricing for new merchants or those processing less than $250,000 per year in Visa/MasterCard transactions. The second program, which features “Interchange-Plus” pricing with no monthly fees of any kind, is for established merchants currently processing more than $250,000 per year. Both of these programs provide unparalleled service and support for the delivery of ecommerce credit card transactions.

"We are delighted to be working with GoECart and its customers through our R3 Reseller Program," said Sloane Bouchever, Merchant Focus President. "We are committed to providing Interchange-Plus pricing to GoECart's established clients, and low fixed rates to GoECart's new and midsize merchants. Coupled with our track record and reputation for excellent customer support, we are confident we will have a very successful long term partnership."

Payment gateway services will be provided by Authorize.Net®, the leading ecommerce gateway used by more than 250,000 US based merchants; Authorize.Net is supported by all GoECart’s software for seamless integration of merchant’s processing solutions.
GoECart recently announced version 8.0 of its ecommerce solution. Ideal for merchants large and small, GoECart 8 combines over 250 award-winning ecommerce software features with a highly customizable web storefront, enterprise-class site hosting (99.9% uptime), and an award-winning shopping experience for customers. In addition to discounted pricing on IMAs, new features include a ground-breaking Intelligent SEO™ capability that automatically optimizes web pages in the storefront for display in the major search engines like Google™, Yahoo!®, and Microsoft® Bing™.

About GoECart

goecart logoGoECart empowers merchants and retailers of all sizes with innovative, on-demand ecommerce solutions designed to address the challenges of the ever-changing web. Hundreds of organizations rely on GoECart every day to Sell more™ merchandise online and compete more effectively. GoECart’s proven technology solutions offer the ultimate in reliability, scalability, and flexibility demanded by the world’s busiest ecommerce sites. GoECart’s Thriving Partner Ecosystem™ provides the ultimate network of best-in-class ecommerce solutions providers to deliver a rich, immersive experience expected by today’s savvy web shoppers. And our team of passionate ecommerce experts keeps our clients at the forefront of ecommerce.

About Merchant Focus Processing, Inc

Merchant Focus Processing, Inc., the leader in eCommerce since 2002, focuses on two unique market segments, each of which has special requirements and challenges. Merchants transacting $250,000 or more annually in credit card sales qualify for Interchange-Plus pricing with no monthly fees of any kind through, and brand new businesses encounter special merchant friendly terms and low Two Tier pricing through
The R3 Recurring Revenue Reseller program is Merchant Focus Processing’s co-branded referral program designed for Hosting Companies, Billing Solutions Providers, Shopping Carts, Web Designers, iPhone Application Providers and other value added resellers.

Press Contacts:

For GoECart:
Manish Chowdhary

For Merchant Focus Processing, Inc.
Sloane Bouchever
1-800-895-4085 Ext. 12


SAGE and Merchant Focus Processing Sign R3 Reseller Agreement, offers competitive payment processing services for industry companies who are currently taking or wish to take credit cards.

Carrollton, TX (August 12, 2009) – SAGE announces that it has partnered with Merchant Focus Processing, Inc., a leader in payment processing solutions, to provide companies in the promotional products industry with ultra-competitive rates and unsurpassed customer service for credit card processing.

David Natinsky, President of SAGE, commented, “We’re very excited about our new relationship with Merchant Focus. Not only are we now able to provide more competitive rates for credit card processing to the industry, but Merchant Focus has the same commitment to customer service as we do – and that was very important to us.”

"We are delighted to be working with SAGE and its customers through our R3 Reseller Program," said Sloane Bouchever, Merchant Focus President. "Merchant Focus is committed to providing Interchange-Plus pricing to SAGE's established clients, and low fixed rates to SAGE's new and midsize merchants. Coupled with our reputation for excellent customer support, we are confident we will have a very successful long term partnership."

goecart logoSAGE Payment Processing through Merchant Focus will be priced with two tiers. The first tier offers fixed rate pricing for new merchants or those processing less than $250,000 per year in MC/Visa transactions. The second tier is for those more established companies processing a minimum of $250,000 per year. The second tier will receive quoted pricing based on “interchange-plus” pricing, which has never before been offered directly to the promotional products industry.

Natinsky continued, “We’ve found that most companies don’t know what they are really paying for credit card processing fees. Everyone thinks they are getting a great deal, but the reality is that most companies are not. Merchant Focus will analyze your bankcard statements and prepare a custom proposal to show you exactly what you’ll save by switching. And we’re not talking about just a few dollars here or there. The difference can be staggering in many cases.”

Payment transactions will be processed by Merchant Focus through the SAGE Virtual Terminal, a web-based terminal that can be accessed from anywhere, or SAGE’s XML API, which is an interface for connecting back-end systems to our payment gateway. Back-end payment processing gateway services will now be provided by Authorize.Net, a global leader in payment gateway services.

Customers who are currently using SAGE Payment Processing through First Data can continue to use their payment processing services as-is until they choose to transition to Merchant Focus.

For more information or to apply for SAGE Payment Processing, please visit or call SAGE at 800.925.SAGE.

About SAGE

SAGE, based in Carrollton, Texas, is the leading provider of information, marketing and business management solutions to the promotional products industry. In addition to SAGE’s flagship SAGE Online™ research service, SAGE also provides the industry with other research services, website and email services, e-commerce solutions, end user catalogs, payment processing services, artwork services, tradeshows, tradeshow management services, and lead retrieval software. For more information, please visit or call 800.925.SAGE.

About Merchant Focus Processing, Inc

Merchant Focus Processing, Inc. the leader in eCommerce since 2002, focuses on two unique market segments, each of which has special requirements and challenges. Merchants transacting $250,000 or more annually in credit card sales qualify for Interchange-Plus pricing with no monthly fees of any kind through, and brand new businesses encounter special merchant friendly terms and low Two Tier pricing through

The R3 Recurring Revenue Reseller program is designed for Hosting Companies, Billing Solutions Providers, Shopping Carts, Web Designers and other value added resellers.

Contact: Sloane Bouchever
1-888-809-8905 Ext. 12

Inner Fence and Merchant Focus Processing Sign R3 Reseller Agreement, Offer Merchants End to End Credit Card Processing Solution for iPhone

SEATTLE & DUBLIN, Ohio--(Business Wire)--Mar 4, 2009

Inner Fence, LLC and Merchant Focus Processing, Inc. team up to offer merchants a one stop shop for accepting credit card payments on their iPhone. The solution includes a merchant account from Merchant Focus Processing, a payment gateway from Authorize.Net, and Inner Fence's industry leading Credit Card Terminal for iPhone as a bundled package.

"Our partnership with Merchant Focus Processing gives our customers a complete mobile point-of-sale solution which includes acceptance of all major credit cards in real time on our Credit Card Terminal," said Derek Del Conte, Co-Founder of Inner Fence. "With the R3 Reseller program, we were able to create a merchant account offering that makes sense for our small and medium business customers."

Credit Card Terminal is an iPhone virtual terminal that performs merchant credit card processing using Authorize.Net technology, the small business service of CyberSource Corporation (NASDAQ: CYBS). Merchant Focus Processing has been a leading merchant account provider and an Authorize.Net Preferred Reseller since 2002, successfully serving the processing needs of thousands of merchants.

The iPhone Virtual Terminal and merchant account bundled solution is popular with photographers, computer technicians, limo drivers, home party sales associates, merchants at fairs and farmers' markets, and many more small businesses.
"We are delighted to be working with Inner Fence through our R3 Reseller program," said John Waldron, Chief Executive Officer of Merchant Focus Processing. "In my opinion the Credit Card Terminal from Inner Fence is going to reshape the way small business thinks about mobile payments. Having the power to take out your phone and securely accept a credit card in real time is very powerful for any mobile merchant."

About Inner Fence (

Inner Fence is a Seattle-based software development company focused on business apps for the iPhone and the developer of Credit Card Terminal, which allows merchants to process credit cards from anywhere using their iPhone.
About Merchant Focus Processing, Inc. (

Merchant Focus Processing, Inc. focuses on two unique market segments, each of which has special requirements and challenges. Merchants transacting $250,000 or more annually in credit card sales qualify for Interchange-Plus pricing with no monthly fees of any kind through, and brand new businesses encounter special merchant friendly terms and low Two Tier pricing through

Inner Fence LLC
Derek Del Conte, 425-233-8272


Merchant Focus Processing, Inc.
Sloane Bouchever, 888-809-8905 Ext. 12

Merchant Focus Processing, Inc.
Launches Reseller Program

Reseller Program Logo

Dublin, Ohio.-Jan. 27, 2009

Merchant Focus Processing, Inc., a leading provider of merchant payment solutions, is proud to launch the recurring revenue reseller program for Web designers, online billing systems, mail order management solutions, shopping carts, hosting companies, and technology partners. Called “R3”, the program is unique because it allows resellers, who earn significant ongoing residuals from their referrals, to offer two types of merchant accounts: Interchange-Plus merchant accounts to their largest most profitable clients, and normal merchant accounts to brand new businesses.

Established clients qualify for special "cost plus" processing with no monthly fees of any kind through a proprietary co-branded referral splash page, at which point these larger clients receive custom proposals for their high volume credit card processing. New businesses apply for low cost Two Tier billing accounts directly through a co-branded online application featuring instant merchant id numbers. Both types of merchant accounts feature no termination penalties and guaranteed pricing, key components of merchant friendly practices.

In addition, a dynamic resource portal has been created at which provides valuable information on the benefits of being an R3 reseller, the recurring revenue opportunity, examples of co-branded landing pages, and access to tools such as online residual reports, links to the underwriting database, and R3 marketing solutions.

“Our management team learned important lessons running the largest, most successful merchant account reseller program in the industry,” said Sloane Bouchever, president of Merchant Focus Processing, Inc. “During that five year period, our resellers referred over 30,000 merchants to us. We found that the largest most profitable clients typically avoid merchant account affiliate programs because they don't offer Interchange-Plus pricing. Not anymore! R3 is specifically designed to help our resellers tap into their most profitable, established clients.”

Bankcard veterans Sloane Bouchever and John Waldron launch new merchant account provider Established Merchants

established merchants only

Dublin, Ohio –September 9, 2008

Established Merchants focuses exclusively on merchants transacting a minimum of $250,000 annually in VISA/MasterCard sales.

No other merchant account provider in the US focuses 100% on this market segment: merchants that have been in business several years that have outgrown their initial bankcard provider, and now require expert processing, advice and service.

Waldron and Bouchever are the founders of e-onlinedata, which under their management grew to one of the largest eCommerce merchant account providers in the nation, and Authorize.Net's largest reseller. Utilizing a referral network they built of over 4000 Value Added Resellers encompassing Web Hosts, Web Developers and Billing Systems providers, e-onlinedata signed over 30,000 Internet merchants between 2002 and 2007. These dynamic eCommerce entrepreneurs also founded and, which continue to be very successful providers of the Authorize.Net payment gateway. In addition, they own, a provider of merchant checkout services to eBay and OverStock auction sellers.

Established Merchants utilizes the same funding bank and processing systems as e-onlinedata, so the quality of service is of the absolute highest standards.

Waldron and Bouchever sold e-onlinedata in February of 2007 to PowerPay, LLC and in fact the CEO of PowerPay is joining them as a partner in the new venture! After in depth market analysis, these industry veterans are confident their new enterprise will provide much needed services to larger merchants. While the primary focus will be on eCommerce merchants,Established Merchants will also provide Visa/MasterCard processing to retail, restaurants and government (GSA) vendors.

“After working with mostly new to mid-sized merchants for so many years, we are excited to assist larger merchants with their processing needs” said Waldron who, with 12 years bankcard experience, will act as Chief Executive Officer and head of sales for the new company.“ Established Merchants simplifies the rate and fee structures as well set up process for our merchants, and eliminates the frustrating bottlenecks merchants encounter with other providers.”

“Instead of working through referral partners, Established Merchants will pursue established merchants through a direct business model, allowing us to be the most competitive and service oriented provider in the industry,” said Bouchever, a veteran of 18 years in the processing industry and the company’s President.

"We don't want to be your first processor, we want to be your last processor."

Please read the recent Practical eCommerce article about Established Merchants, published: September 02, 2008.

Dublin, Ohio – 10/01/2007

Merchant Focus is excited to announce the launch of their new web site The site provides users with an overview of Merchant Focus services and offerings. It also offers visitors valuable information regarding merchant accounts and payment processing.

John Waldron, Merchant Focus CEO stated, “We are very excited about the launch of our new corporate Website. We are now able to offer our clients the highest quality merchant accounts and superior customer service.”

About Merchant Focus:

Merchant Focus specializes in Merchant accounts for eCommerce businesses, Phone and Mail order companies, Auctions and Retail Store-fronts. Most applications are approved within two business days.

Contact Information:

John Waldron
Merchant Focus