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Are you in Canada?

Merchant Focus is proud to offer services to our friends doing business up north.

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Do you currently process over $250,000 annually in Visa/MC?

Merchant Focus offers premium accounts with no monthly fees, and all established merchants qualify for "Interchange-Plus" pricing.

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Merchant Focus = Non-Profit
Merchant Accounts

Merchant Focus offers Non-Profits Special Merchant Account rates!

  • Accept ALL MAJOR Credit Cards on your Web site, or Retail Store
  • Funds deposited directly into your Personal or Business Checking Account
  • Internet accounts INCLUDE real time Payment Gateway & Virtual Terminal
  • NEW FEATURE: QuickBooks Integration System INCLUDED!
    • Allows you to download Settled Transaction Reports into QuickBooks
  • Apply for American Express & Discover right on the Application

Guaranteed = Rates will NOT increase unless Visa/MC increases Interchange*

Non-Profit Merchant Account Rates*:

Qualified Discount Rate 2.09% Visa/MasterCard
Transaction Fee (NO AVS Fees) $0.25 per transaction
Monthly Service Fee (includes monthly statement) $10.00
Monthly Processing Minimum None
American Express Quoted Separately
NOApplication Fees  
NO Annual Fees  
NO Address Verification (AVS) Fees
NO Leasing
NO Termination Penalties
NO Batch Header Fees
Payment Gateway Account Rates and Fees FREE Set-up
Access Fee per Month $10.00
Technology Fee per Transation $0.05
Toll Free 24/7 Customer Support with FREE TECH SUPPORT

*You must include 501C3 or other proof of non profit status to qualify for these rates

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Interested in processing payments using your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad?
Turn your iPhone into a simple, secure credit card terminal.

Perfect for fundraising and events!

We offer special iPhone rates for non-profits. CLICK HERE for more details.